Step 3: After You Submit Your Application

  1. You will receive a website link to each faculty member’s Message Board. KEEP THIS LINK! URAP mentors will begin using their Message Board to notify applicants of their status as early as Wednesday, August 30th, so please check this link daily! Please check your email during this time as well; some mentors may contact you via email as well as through the Message Board.
  2. Do not contact faculty or their departments before the fourth week of classes (unless the instructions on their message board explicitly direct you to do so, or your name is posted on the board but you did not receive further instructions). It is your responsibility to check the message board and your email daily. If you do not see a listing by the end of the THIRD week, or receive and email from the faculty mentor, you should drop by the faculty member’s regular office hours during the FOURTH week.
  3. Schedule a meeting with your prospective mentor as soon as possible if your name appears on their interview or selection list. If your faculty mentor contacts you by e-mail, respond promptly. It is recommended to bring your unofficial transcript(s) to a first interview. This includes community college and UC Berkeley transcripts.
  4. If you are not selected for a project this semester, check back later in the semester for new listings for Spring 2018! Occasionally, some projects may be re-opened after the regular deadline for additional applications; information about projects with extended deadlines can be found on the URAP website after Thursday, August 31st.