Step 2: Entering Your Application

  1. Once you have decided which project(s) you’ll be applying to, and prepared a statement of interest for each project, you are ready to begin the online application process. Go to the URAP application page (the link to the application will be avaiable August 16th) and follow the prompts. You’ll receive some instructions, and then be asked for contact information - please note that you must use your address. After you have entered your contact information, you’ll be taken to a screen listing all the professors with open projects. If a professor’s name appears twice, with two different departments, this means that his or her project is cross-listed; you can select either entry. Your selection will in no way affect your application. Please note: If a professor has multiple projects open and you are interested in more than one, you only need to submit one application, but you should indicate your preferences in the statement of interest. If there is really only one project that interests you, say so. You can only submit one application on this screen, but you’ll be given opportunity to submit two additional applications later in the online application process.
  2. Next, you will be taken to a screen where you can enter your statement of interest. Paste only the statement of interest that refers to the project to which you are applying; each individual project requires a separate statement of interest (except when you are applying to several projects by the same faculty mentor; in this case, you only need to submit one application - see above).
  3. Now you will be asked to provide information about up to ten college-level classes you have taken that are relevant to the project you are applying to. This is an opportunity for faculty to view your grades, as well as a chance for you to demonstrate your understanding of the skills needed to successfully work as an apprentice on a given project. Do not include information about AP or any other classes at the high school level. Don’t be concerned if you have not yet completed ten relevant courses – this is a maximum number you can provide information about, not a minimum request.
  4. Click the Save and Continue button. You will now have the opportunity to review your application, then submit it. After submitting the application, you can apply for additional projects (up to 3 total). PLEASE NOTE: If you see the following: "Your application to this professor is now complete!", you do not need to submit anything else - you are done.
  5. Some faculty may instruct you to submit a hard copy of your unofficial transcript as part of the application. If so, you will see: "You are almost done, but you have one step left to complete your application!" In this case, please deliver an unofficial version of your transcripts (go to CalCentral, then My Academics, then View Academic Summary) to the URAP office at 2412 Dwinelle Hall by noon of the application deadline. You do NOT need to submit a copy of your application, only the transcript. Please write the name of the mentor on the printout so we know where to deliver it.

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