What is the URAP Faculty Portal

The URAP Faculty Portal is a web-based tool to help you manage your student applications, your apprentice enrollments, and your own ongoing participation the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program.

After your project is approved and posted to the URAP website, you will be e-mailed a personal portal link that will bring you to your own webpage portal. Please save the e-mail containing the link. For greater convenience you will want to BOOKMARK it in your browser.


On the top left hand side of the page, you will see brief messages from our office. We will use this area to remind you of upcoming deadlines and opportunities.


To the right are links that take you to various help or information pages. These will change frequently, to correspond to issues that come up in the semester cycle.


gives the current status of your project and allows you to list your project for the following term as open or closed to new applicants.


lets you review, edit, add, and delete your projects.


allows you to see if your selected apprentices have completed the enrollment process and the number of units they are taking. You will find e-mail addresses for all of your apprentices here. This is also where you go to renew Learning Contracts for apprentices continuing from the previous semester.


allows you to view and manage your student applications after the application deadline; e-mail students if you so chose. This is also where you create and submit Learning Contracts for your new apprentices.

MESSAGE BOARD (a semi-public space)

In the lower left is the “message board” on which you should post messages to applicants, and later, your chosen apprentices. All applicants to your project are issued a link to your “board”—they are the only ones with access and may read but not post. It is a one-way communication.

By posting your interview and selection choices here, you let students who were NOT CHOSEN know to move on, and that their application was not successful.

THE BIGGEST COMPLAINT that the URAP program receives is about the failure of faculty to notify students who have not been selected. Posting on the Message Board offers a way to notify students without becoming entangled in e-mail correspondence at a very busy time of year.

What do students see? See some sample postings, below.

Some sample postings

Professor Ursa Arktos

Thanks for your applications to my URAP projects. Your applications were all very impressive and I am delighted to see so many of you interested in this fast-evolving field.

My other commitments have made it necessary for me to limit my mentoring time this semester, so I will be interviewing only three applicants: Mary Kuo, Jean Czwensky and Sanjay Wilson

Mary, Jean and Sanjay, please sign up for a time during my office hours this week, Wednesday or Friday, 1-3 PM. (The regular meeting time for this project will be Friday at 2 PM.)

The rest of you are welcome to apply again next year. Investigate my Ursology 10 course if you just can’t wait to learn more about bears. Thank you for your interest.


Professor B. Smith

These applications are too good to be true! I would like to talk to all who have applied next Wednesday at 4 PM in my office, 122 Nano Hall. Please review my project description and come prepared to discuss any recent article on nanoscience that seems related to my topic. This is my chance to see if you can use the library, if we are thinking on the same wave-length, and if you are ready to get to work!

Professor L. Park
Time Studies

Dear applicants,
I am sorry to say that a family emergency will keep me away from Berkeley until September 15th. I am very eager to work with apprentices this semester, but I will not be able to interview anyone until the 16th or 17th. If you are still interested and available that week, please send me an e-mail (notreal@tempo.berkeley.edu) and I will get in touch with you for an interview.