How are Apprentices evaluated

The student evaluation

Students are asked to write a brief summary and evaluation of their research experiences, to be completed online by the last day of final exams. Our office will send students the link they will need to complete the evaluation.

The purpose of this report is to allow our program to record and assess the benefits to students of the research experience. (It is through these summary reports that we have learned of co-authored papers, conference trips, graduate school decisions and other outcomes that students attribute to the research experience.)

We will also ask a few survey questions each term, to provide the campus with some quantitative data for the program overall, and to obtain student feedback on different aspects of program administration.


Although URAP is in a P/NP grading environment, the URAP grading process is made complex by (1) the fact that some URAP mentors have teaching appointments, and therefore access to the CalCentral system, while others do not. Additional complexities come from the fact that (2) not all students enroll for units, but we need to know outcomes for all students, whether or not they are officially enrolled for units.

All mentors will need to report their URAP grades at their URAP portal. Additionally, those URAP mentors with teaching appointments will need to report their grades officially in CalCentral for UGIS 192.

A. For mentors WITH teaching appointments

Double-report your grades: CalCentral + URAP portal

Each faculty mentor is assigned a unique section of UGIS 192. At the end of each term you will find your section of UGIS 192 among your other courses in CalCentral. This is where you will report official grades for students enrolled for units. URAP grade options are P, NP and I.

You should also report grades in your URAP portal; indeed this is the only place you can report completion for students who have not signed up for units. Even if they have not signed up for units, the URAP Office still needs to know that they have successfully completed their apprenticeships. This is also the place to leave evaluative comments about individual apprentices, and/or about the program.

B. For mentors WITHOUT teaching appointments

Report at URAP portal only

Some URAP mentors have research, rather than teaching appointments.We cannot link these mentors directly to CalCentral; the URAP Office must report your grades for you. You will need to report grades to the URAP Office via your URAP portal. This is also the place to leave evaluative comments about individual apprentices, and/or about the program.

Incompletes and missing apprentices

Please contact us if you have any difficulties with your apprentices, or if you are considering assigning an incomplete (I) grade.