How are URAP Grants handled

Your URAP Grant

Each faculty mentor will receive $300-600 in funds to be applied in support of the project to which the research apprentice is assigned. This grant is not designed to be a research grant per se, but a grant in support of undergraduate education. In this spirit, please apply the grant to your research in a manner that will enhance the research experience of the apprentice. In addition to the purchase of copy cards, computer time, lab materials, or whatever may be required to get apprentices started, you should consider the purchase of books, journals, conference fees, or other items that could give the apprentice an overview of research in the field. Because of limited funding, these funds are not available to visiting scholars. Please call us (643-5376) if you have any questions about appropriate use of funds.

Please note that only one URAP grant is made to each faculty member, regardless of the number of apprentices signed on.


Your funds will be automatically transferred to your home department soon after Learning Contracts are filed in the program office. Faculty who participate for Fall or Spring only receive $300; faculty who propose two-semester (Fall and Spring) projects receive $600. The first $300 is released in early October after Learning Contracts are filed; the final $300 is released in late February.

Please note again that we cannot transfer funds until your Learning Contracts are complete; remind your apprentices to complete the Learning Contract process, even if they are not seeking units.

URAP is funded by temporary funds from the State of California.