The Online Learning Contract

As soon as possible after apprentice selection has been made, you should meet with the selected students to discuss a Learning Contract. This contract is important; it spells out your expectations and formalizes the relationship. Learning Contracts are created on your URAP portal, and are due on Friday of the third week of instruction. As of Fall 2018, the registrar's NEW ADD/DROP deadline will be Wednesday of the fourth week of classes. If students plan to enroll for units in conjunction with URAP, they need to receive their contracts in time to submit to us so we can issue enrollment information. Please see more information about the new add/drop deadline here:

New Apprentices

To create a Learning Contract for a new apprentice, go to "Student Applicants" in your URAP Portal. In the applicant list, or in the individual student application, select "Create LC."

A Learning Contract will pop up in your portal, drawing information from the student application. You will need only to indicate

  • the number of hours you and the student have agreed upon
  • the specific learning goals and tasks the student will need to complete. Please indicate as clearly as possible the kind of tasks the student should be prepared to undertake. Students need to know in order to assess and budget their time.

If you have already detailed goals and tasks in your project description, you may write "see project description." You will not be able to submit your contract until you enter text in the description field.

When you hit the submit button a link will be emailed to the apprentice. The apprentice will then review the Learning Contract, "sign" it, and submit it electronically to the URAP office. At that point, the URAP office emails the class number and permission number your apprentice needs to enroll in your section of UGIS 192, if the apprentice wishes to enroll in conjunction with URAP.

Continuing Apprentices

You can create renewal contracts for your continuing apprentices by entering the "Learning Contracts/Apprentices" panel of your portal. Find the name in the previous semester list and click on "Renew LC." Revise and continue as for new apprentices, above.

Please complete your part of the Learning Contract by Friday of the fourth week of instruction so that students will have adequate time to complete the enrollment process. They must file electronically with our office by 9 AM on Friday of the fifth week.

Units or no units?

The unit-value of the apprentice assignment should be taken seriously. Neither the faculty nor the program will benefit if a perception develops that this is a way to get "easy units." We hope to attract students who are able to make a serious commitment to research and who will work diligently to earn their academic credit.

Most apprentices are eager to earn units in conjunction with their research work. Your specification of the hours you require will create an upper limit on the number of units they may take. The formula is 3 hours per week per unit, with 1- 4 units available. Some students will elect to take fewer units than they are entitled to because of concerns about cumulative unit ceilings.

Students who wish to have their transcript reflect their research apprenticeship should enroll in at least one unit.

* Even if a student is NOT enrolling in units, he or she must still file a Learning Contract by the 5th week of classes.

UGIS 192

Each faculty mentor who is on teaching status will have a unique section of UGIS 192. The URAP office will manage distribution of the class and permission numbers to students.

More than 12 hours

It is the practice in some science labs to require students to work more that 12 hours. If you require this, please be explicit in your project description. And please have a frank conversation about coursework and time management with your apprentice. Many are overly optimistic about their time at the start of the term. You do not want to contribute to a student's academic difficulties.