Miscellaneous Tips

For the link to submit a new project proposal, please contact Stefanie Ebeling at urap@berkeley.edu

Continuing faculty members should revise and submit new projects in their individual URAP faculty portals. E-mail us if you have misplaced your portal link.

URAP Student Applications: students enter information directly online at the URAP student site.

The URAP Learning Contract is created online, in your portal. It outlines the duties and hours your apprentice will commit to your project. You submit the contract online, it then goes to the student for a "signature" and finally to the URAP office. The URAP office emails the class- and permission number your apprentice needs to enroll in UGIS 192.

URAP Final Grade Request:  All grade reporting for URAP happens online. See How Are Apprentices Evaluated for details.

Are there several Post-Docs (or others) supervising apprentices in your lab? As long as their emails are inserted into the "research associate" field in your portal, they will receive copies of all of our deadline reminders and instructional mailings. This is generally beneficial, but you need to be sure there is coordination in posting projects each term, and in reviewing applications. When several people can change the project listings or mark applications, there is potential for them to work at cross purposes. You can make one person the portal coordinator, or just encourage all users to communicate and avoid stepping on each other's toes. Please update contact information for project supervisors each term.

Tips from experienced faculty. (HTML) Some advice from seasoned URAP mentors.


Contact Stefanie Ebeling, 643-5376 or urap@berkeley.edu