What is the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program

The Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program has been designed to assist faculty in reconciling their commitments to research with their responsibilities for undergraduate education. By promoting faculty-student research collaboration, URAP works to invigorate undergraduate education and to contribute to the sense of intellectual community on campus.

Undergraduate Research Apprentices are recruited to assist faculty with their research. For this commitment of time and effort, students receive research mentoring, refinement of their research skills and a closer look at the research life of academics. Apprentices are not paid but may receive academic credit. For their commitment of time, faculty receive assistance on their projects and a small grant ($300-600) to cover research expenses related to the apprentice.

The Program was started in Fall 1991 and is administered by the Undergraduate Division of the College of Letters and Science. The Program is open to Berkeley students and faculty in all campus colleges and professional schools.