Step 4: If You Are Selected

  1. Discuss and agree on a Learning Contract with your mentor.
    Meet with your URAP mentor as soon as possible to set up a research schedule, to discuss research requirements, and to agree on your Learning Contract. Your mentor will then submit the contract online.
  2. Confirm and file the contract electronically.
    When your mentor submits the contract, you will receive an email message alerting you to the fact that the contract has been submitted. In the same message, you will also find a link to a website, your contract. Go to the website and follow the instructions to review, confirm, and submit the electronic contract. You MUST submit the contract to the URAP office by 9 AM on Friday of the fifth week of classes, September 22nd!
  3. Enroll in UGIS 192 for units via CalCentral by the 5th week of classes.
    After you file the contract, you will receive an email message from the URAP office with the enrollment information for UGIS 192 (class number and permission number). Use your Permission Number promptly to enroll in UGIS 192. One unit of UGIS 192 is available for every 3 hours of research work you do for your mentor. If you wish to have your research experience annotated on your transcripts, you will need to enroll for at least one unit of UGIS 192. All the changes to your class schedule must be made by Friday of the fifth week of classes. This includes adds, drops, and changes in unit value for variable unit courses, so make a realistic assessment of the time you will devote to URAP. To make the deadline, you will need to submit your Learning Contract before 9 AM on Friday of the fifth week of classes, September 22nd.
  4. File your Learning Contract by the end of the fifth week of classes, even if you are NOT signing up for units!
    Filing a Learning Contract documents your participation in the program and allows us to release some research funds to your faculty mentor to support your research (for books, journals, chemicals, organisms, etc.), and these funds cannot be released until you file your contract! Filing your contract also makes you eligible for a summer stipend or funding for your own research later.
  5. Submit an online evaluation before the end of exams.
    All apprentices are required to complete an online report evaluating their experience as an apprentice, regardless of their enrollment status in UGIS 192. More information about this requirement is emailed to apprentices near the end of the semester. You should expect to spend about 45 minutes completing the report. 

IMPORTANT: Remember that you can participate in ONE project per semester. Should you be invited to join more than one project, you need to make a decision and inform the mentors quickly. Questions? Please contact Stefanie Ebeling at

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