Summer Awards for Students


This year we will again offer limited funding to allow some URAP apprentices to continue work on faculty research projects in paid status during the summer.

Faculty who have served officially as URAP research mentors in both Fall 2017 AND Spring 2018 may nominate a continuing apprentice for funding. We expect 30-35 awards will be available but nominations always exceed available awards.


The nominated student must have filed learning contracts for both Fall AND Spring. Students must complete their spring enrollment on time. Students may not file late or retroactive contracts for the purpose of establishing eligibility. PLEASE CHECK your FACULTY PORTAL to verify that your nominee has filed contracts for both semesters.

We will expect to see the online end-of-semester evaluation report from the student in our database, and evidence that the student fulfilled the terms of the learning contract. The grade that you submitted in December will serve this purpose. These materials, as well as your NOMINATION LETTER, will be reviewed in making awards. We are looking to sponsor projects that show evidence of strong working relationships and significant educational opportunity for students.

Apprentices who will graduate in May 2018 ARE eligible for the summer stipend award and may be nominated.


This award is paid as a stipend through the SIS Award System. Awards will be for $3,000 and will require undergraduate apprentices to work for about 200 hours over the course of the summer. Students should complete all work and report all time by Tuesday, August 14th.

Stipends may be split in two only if the work could be better performed by two apprentices and only if both apprentices are willing to work for the reduced amount. Please bear in mind that students will be looking for opportunities to save money for the upcoming year. In most cases a split stipend will not allow a student to meet even subsistence goals.

In the context of current fees, $3,000 is not a large sum. We hope that some faculty will be able to supplement these funds with funds of their own. We also hope that faculty who are feeling momentarily well funded from other sources will employ those funds to support their apprentices this summer, and permit us to spread summer funding a little farther.

How to nominate an apprentice

FIRST please check with the student you are nominating to be sure the student is available and committed to doing your research. Each year we have had one or two students decline the award after it was too late to re-award another student.

As faculty mentor, you initiate the process by submitting a LETTER nominating your apprentice for a summer stipend. Please submit your letter ELECTRONICALLY, as an email attachment. In your letter please:

  • describe the particular skills and qualities this student has brought to your project
  • tell how the student would benefit educationally from the proposed summer work
  • indicate how this student would advance your project in the coming summer
  • also indicate how you plan to fulfill your role as research mentor over the summer months.

Send your email letter to:

URAP summer nominations must be received by Monday, MARCH 19, 2018.


SCIENCES: If you currently have an NSF grant, you may find that it is quite easy to request additional funding to support an undergraduate. Contact the NSF program officer for your grant to ask about an "REU supplement." (REU = Research Experience for Undergraduates)

STUDENT-INITIATED RESEARCH: The URAP summer award is for faculty-initiated research. If your apprentice is about to embark on a project that is truly of his or her own design, SURF, the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, may be the more appropriate source of funding. The $4,250 SURF award is open to L&S students who will be entering their final year and working on a thesis or other capstone project. Information can be found at That deadline is February 22nd; the student must initiate that application.

For students in the sciences and engineering, please also consider the SURF Rose/Hills Summer program ($6,000):

Other funds for student-initiated research are at

Questions? Contact Stefanie Ebeling, 643-5376,