Each year, the program offers a small number of stipends to allow some URAP apprentices to continue work on their mentors' research projects over the summer. To be eligible, students must have been working with the same mentor for at least two semesters. Mentors nominate their students. These stipends are generously supported by a number of private donors.

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The Extraordinary Impact of Nonverbal Behavior

Summer 2017

Fiona Yang : Psychology

Mentor: Dana Carney, Haas School of Business and Psychology Dept.

I will be attending to several projects that I have been working on for one year at Prof. Dana's lab, such as the entrepreneurship project in Uganda, taste-judgement study and facial EMG studies. More specifically, I will be running a study at Harvard's lab for a week, which involves facial EMG (Electromyography) sessions that I have practiced weekly (among other research projects) for an entire semester.  With my graduate mentor and professor, we have dedicated much time and energy to make sure the procedures are rigorously scientific and skillfully practiced. I am excited for the our efforts to eventually pay off and generate worthwhile scientific data (and even better, lead to valuable discoveries!).

Message to Sponsor:

After one year's training and practice, I was encouraged by Professor Dana and my graduate mentor Vivian to believe I am ready for authorship on published academic paper. I have grown so much during my sophomore year as a researcher, and I am very excited for an amazingly productive summer!