Each year, the program offers a small number of stipends to allow some URAP apprentices to continue work on their mentors' research projects over the summer. To be eligible, students must have been working with the same mentor for at least two semesters. Mentors nominate their students. These stipends are generously supported by a number of private donors.

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The "Super Peer" and its Effect on African-American Children

Summer 2017

Dominque Keith-Maher : English

Mentor: Denise Herd, Public Health

I am currently assisting Professor Herd with conducting research on the influence of mass media --also known as "the super peer"-- on alcohol consumption amongst African-American adolescents. We are specifically looking at popular movies from the Teen Media Study, which was conducted in 2001and 2002. Apart from this, I am also beginning a literature review, that looks at the film structure of the coming of age story when it is targeted towards a black audience. 

Message to Sponsor:

My research has been an incredibly invaluable experience. I have gotten the opportunity to personally work with a professor in a field that I intend to pursue in graduate school. I have had the ability to watch research unfold over the period of a year, and to have a lot of freedom in voicing my opinion, and I feel as though I am contributing to something greater than myself.