Each year, the program offers a small number of stipends to allow some URAP apprentices to continue work on their mentors' research projects over the summer. To be eligible, students must have been working with the same mentor for at least two semesters. Mentors nominate their students. These stipends are generously supported by a number of private donors.

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Synthesis of Hetero-bifunctional PROTAC Derivative

Summer 2017

Arthur Tran : Chemical Biology

Mentor: Prof. Ian Seiple, UCSF Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

For the summer, I've been working on the synthesis of a molecular linker that connects two different drug known as a PROTAC, or proteolysis targeting chimera. One drug at the end of this linker is a thalidomide derivative, which can bind to the E3 ubiquitin ligase cereblon (a protein in the cell that can mark other proteins for degradation). The other drug is a known suppressor of the YAP-TEAD complex in the cell, which is associated with hepatomegaly and tumorigenesis.

Message to Sponsor:

Working in this lab, without a doubt, has been the highlight of my entire undergraduate career. I am incredibly grateful for having such an amazing mentor and being able to constantly learn outside of a lecture hall. This experience has definitely shaped my goals for the future and reaffirmed my decision to study chemistry.