Hannah Hanson

Developing and promoting the psychological humanities

It involves a book, for Palgrave Macmillan, due out later this year, which explores what the emerging interdiscipline of the psychological humanities offers to psychology practice and models of human subjectivity. It also includes developing and delivering a course for students within the interdisciplinary field of Women’s and Gender Studies at Cal, which is due to be expanded to Cal State East Bay later in 2021. The psychological humanities has developed out of critical psychology, and recognizes that the psy-disciplines (psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy) are human sciences, not STEM sciences. It looks to apply critical theories about culture and human meaning developed in the humanities to how the psy-disciplines think and function.

Message to Sponsor

This URAP Summer Stipend means that I am able to continue my research and gain experience in an academic field I am interested in. As a low-income student, this helps me greatly in being able to pursue my academic goals and I hope to use this opportunity to learn more about the psy-disciplines and gender studies. This relieves the stress and pressure of having to worry about finances, so that I may focus on being a great research assistant to Dr. Distiller and perform well in my academic studies.
  • Major: Anthropology
  • Mentor: Natasha Distiller, Gender and Women's Studies