Arpna Ghanshani

Understanding Youth Empowerment Through Program Evaluation, Curriculum Planning, and Scholarly Writing

The Youth Advocacy Program (YAP) recruited, developed, and evaluated a High School Outreach Series to teach youth about child marriage and how they can become advocates for child marriage prevention. After a year of successful workshops, I look forward to synthesizing evaluation efforts into informational sheets and data visualizations that can be disseminated to potential donors and stakeholders. I will be working with Dr. Deardorff on developing a theory of change model for the program, and Dr. Prata on writing a brief that distills information on youth empowerment and child marriage. Finally, in collaboration with other Youth Equity Scholar (YES) students and Dr. Schotland, I will be analyzing post program data and addressing feedback as we develop the curriculum for next year’s YES cohort.

Message to Sponsor

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to continue this research project with the support of incredible mentors. Over the past year, this research project has not only been a fantastic learning experience, but a chance to explore my passion for youth health, education, and empowerment.
  • Major: Public Health & Data Science
  • Mentor: Ndola Prata, Bixby Center for Population Health & Sustainability; Julianna Deardorff, School of Public Health; Marieka Schotland, Innovations for Youth (i4Y)