Christian Ringler

Acquisition of Endothermy May Cause the Loss of Cardiac Regenerative Potential

The summer research project will help further my understanding on factors that will affect the regenerative process of cardiomyocyte cells that would be significant in regenerative heart treatment. The project will enable me to learn how to conduct mammalian cell cultures and examine an engineered mouse strain in which the chemogenetic activation of hypothalamic thermoregulatory neurons by small chemicals, potentially induces drastic reductions of body temperature and energy metabolism like the state in torpor or hibernation. In particular, I will examine whether lowering body temperature could retain cardiac regenerative potential using this mouse model. If the analysis is correct, this would indicate the first direct evidence for the causality between the increase of thermogenesis and the loss of heart regenerative capacity.

Message to Sponsor

To all the donors, I would like to thank you for providing me with the opportunity and the generous summer stipend to enable me to work (by aiding with expenses, such as transport expenses) with my mentor over the summer. This opportunity will enhance my laboratory and research skills as I will be able to work full-time, enabling me to get more involved, and gain experience and greater understanding on cardiomyocyte function and the regenerative process. Your continued belief in the URAP program has helped international students, like myself, to get involved in research areas that are really astounding that will definitely inspire future careers and aid with students involvement in fields that they are interested in.
  • Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Mentor: Guo Huang, UCSF