Christopher Chou

Use of Design Thinking by Product Managers and their Teams

Over the past two semesters, I’ve used unsupervised learning algorithms to cluster product manager (PM) survey responses to provide actionable insights about customer empathy. This summer, I will be improving clustering algorithms using BERT, a language model that provides context using surrounding words. I will be applying these new methods to study alignment between PMs and their teams by analyzing teaming responses across companies from different sectors. To examine the contribution of design thinking to the workplace, we hope to utilize these models to identify gaps between product manager and teaming alignment.

Message to Sponsor

I greatly appreciate the generous donors for making this opportunity possible! URAP has been an extremely powerful conduit to allow me to constantly delve deeper into my research. I am grateful to be able to continue this summer, and I can't wait tackle more problems in the product management space.
  • Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Business Administration
  • Mentor: Sara Beckman/ Haas School of Business