Dae Woong Ham

Radiobiology Synergy Analysis (Statistics project)

I spent and will spend most of the time finalizing our paper, which will be published soon. I am mainly responsible for doing most of the coding and execution on the statistics part of the project. I have currently done ODE solving, parameter estimation, monte carlo simulations with 95% Confidence Intervals, modeling, and computer simulations.

Message to Sponsor

It has been a very rewarding experience for me not only professionally but also personally. I have learnt a lot interacting with such an amazing professor and have also furthered my goal in trying to get to graduate school. This research experience provided me a realistic experience of what real research is like in the world and also provided me an opportunity to apply the things I've learnt in the classroom setting to real life.
  • Major: Statistics, Applied Mathematics
  • Mentor: Rainer K. Sachs, Mathematics