Emily Robbins

Sorting & Stratifying in Housing: The Intersectional Impacts of Race, Gender, and Health on Housing Insecurity

Housing insecurity plays a central role in the connection between poverty and poor health. This project examines how housing assistance programs are provided through the healthcare and social safety net to understand how people are stratified for housing and how health and illness shape experiences of housing insecurity and poverty. This summer, we will continue conducting qualitative data collection and analysis, drawing from observations and in-depth interviews with individuals and families experiencing housing insecurity, frontline housing workers, housing advocates, and healthcare providers in Alameda County.

Message to Sponsor

Thank you for making the opportunity to continue working on this project over the summer possible. I’ve gained invaluable experience in qualitative research, and I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to research within my community on a project I’m deeply passionate about.
  • Major: Urban Studies
  • Mentor: Janet Shim and Tessa Nápoles/ UCSF Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences