Jeffrie Wang

Outlier Nation - American "Exceptionalism" in Comparison to the Rest of the World

This summer, I will be working to support Professor Karabel’s research for his in-progress book on American “exceptionalism” and how America stands out from other countries, whether for better or for worse. To this end, I will be researching and sharing with Professor Karabel my findings on American economics, welfare, race issues, politics, and other key social issues. I have already done substantial research on the Clinton and Trump administrations in regard to American exceptionalism, and I will be continuing similar research alongside undertaking more data-driven tasks and administrative work to support Professor Karabel.

Message to Sponsor

Thank you so much for providing me this opportunity to take my understanding of American politics and social issues to a much deeper level! To me, understanding the nature of American "exceptionalism" has never been more important than today as politics matters more than ever now. This opportunity is humbling and I will cherish the skills that I learn from this experience as I continue my academic career. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it!
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Mentor: Jerome Karabel, Sociology