Julia Huffaker

anti-DENV and anti-ZIKV immunity interactions

Dengue and Vika virus are mosquito-borne flaviviruses common in tropical and sub-tropical areas that can result in a range of clinical manifestations, from a self-limited dengue fever to a potentially fatal dengue shock syndrome (DSS) caused by vascular leakage. This summer, I will be researching anti-DENV and anti-ZIKV immunity interactions using a Luminex system to determine which serotypes are correlated with primary inapparent infection of Dengue. My personal focus is on domain III of the envelope protein of DENV 1-4 and ZIKV, a domain known to bind type-specific antibodies. By analyzing the binding profiles of type-specific and cross-reactive antibodies, I will be able to better understand the profiles of a combination of sequential infections, and better predict how to develop and evaluate Dengue and Zika virus vaccines.

Message to Sponsor

Thank you so much for this unique opportunity, I'm extremely excited to continue my work with Dengue and hopefully help people all around the world!
  • Major: Global Health and Ethics
  • Mentor: Eva Harris and Sandra Bos, Public Health