Matthew Huh

MicroRNA Regulation of Plant Innate Immunity

My research in the Baker lab works to further understand the molecular-genetic mechanisms of plant innate immunity. Specifically, our lab looks to analyze plant microRNAs and small interfering RNAs which allow plants to regulate development, genome function, and immune response. This semester, I have been utilizing bioinformatic procedures to download and format RNA sequences from other genomic databases in NCBI and analyze them using software like NCBI’s BLAST and SnapGene. Through this analysis, we were able to observe how conserved certain genes were across different plant species. This summer, I look forward to continuing to help develop our lab’s SOMART databases and hopefully get experience in an in-person lab environment.

Message to Sponsor

Thank you! I really appreciate your generous donation, especially in a semester as unusual as this one. This stipend allows me to stay on campus over the summer to continue doing research in an engaging lab with an in-person experience. I’m thankful for the option to continue honing my skills during a semester when it takes much more effort to safely organize a compelling research experience for students. I’ve already learned so much with URAP and am excited for the future!
  • Major: Molecular & Cell Biology and Data Science
  • Mentor: Barbara Baker, Plant & Microbial Biology