Samuel Bright-Thonney


Prof. Shapiro is an experimental particle physicist and a leader of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory affiliated collider experiment known as: ATLAS collaboration at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). One of the most important pieces of the ATLAS research program is to search for new phenomena and interactions never before observed at the most basic level of nature. One class of theory that predicts such interactions is “Supersymmetry.” Samuel is working on the search for Supersymmetry in a special class of models where some of the Supersymmetric particles can propagate a measurable distance before decaying.

Message to Sponsor

URAP has been an incredible opportunity to get involved in the research happening at the frontier of physics. My experience in the program has been an integral part of my undergraduate education and solidified my desire to pursue particle physics in graduate school. I am immensely grateful to this program for helping me pursue my passion for physics, and thankful to the generous Chandra Fund that sponsored my work this summer.
  • Major: Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Mentor: Marjorie Shapiro, Physics