Taylor Osman

This summer, under the guidance of my mentors, Professor Alison Gopnik and PhD student Mariel Goddu, I will be working with preschool-age kids to investigate how children select causally relevant variables in order to understand the world. Young children seem particularly good at recognizing, with very little evidence, what variables are casually relevant in a system, or in other words, what variables bring about some effect in a system. At preschools and museums, like the Bay Area Discovery Museum or the Lawrence Hall of Science, we have kids, with the permission of their parents, participate in studies that are engaging for them, like ones that center around turtles or magical wizards. Because children are often capable of discerning patterns before they are able put this understanding into words, we try to design studies that pick up on the amazing abilities kids have to understand the world — abilities that often […]

Sonia Hamilton

This summer, I will continue to lead the Digital Verification Corps, a team that partners with Amnesty International to respond to various international human rights violations in real time. The DVC performs the discovery and verification of open source information to provide vital information to Amnesty International in their support of their research and reporting. Much like a task force, the DVC is a fast-paced, versatile team that investigates immediate human rights situations spanning the globe.

Nicole-Hadassah Valdez

I have been researching for the Fisher Center for the past academic year and am continuing on a new project. I am preparing an accepted paper for publication with revisions and furthering research on the integration of real and financial markets. Working off of N.N. Taleb’s “Black Swan”, the paper compares the boom and busts from 1800-1940’s to the recent 2007-2008 global financial crisis. The paper is solution-based and discusses possible remedies and strategies for the modern, global economy.

Caroline Eskandar

I help with translating themes within the Facebook datasets from Arabic into English, using a qualitative codebook. I read through refugee questions and concerns, smugglers, government officials and others and classify them then, enter them into the spreadsheet. The goal is to participate in eventually forming a reliable database for refugee to extract accurate information from during their journey through Europe.

Joel Rojas

As a research assistant for the Pacific Islander Task Force, I will continue to conduct quantitative data analysis on Maternal and Infant health data concerning mothers’ social demographics, health insurance, and health status. Our goal for this research project is to highlight the significant health disparities among Asian American and Pacific Islander mothers in the Bay Area counties of San Francisco, Alameda, and San Mateo through data disaggregation. My research not only shows the systematic causes of public health disparities but also inspires local and state departments of Public Health to effectively use our research to contribute in organizing and implementing government programs that address these public health disparities in the long run.

Gilberto Carrasco Urroz

My work for this summer will be a continuation of the research I have been doing for the past academic year. My research project focuses on reconciling the everyday learning practices of members of nondominant communities with the practices they undertake in formal educational settings, such as the classroom. This is a necessary step when seeking to address the disparities presented by the public education system. In order to accomplish this, my work requires me to become acquainted with a specific family’s video data, which I then organize, and for which I create codes and analytical memos.

Lauren Tabor

I work within the Fleiszig laboratory, which focuses on Pseudomonas eye infections. This summer, I will be studying the role of specific genes within the pqq operon, an operon formerly known to be involved in ethanol oxidation. I will be exploring the unknown role of this operon in facilitating antimicrobial resistance when Pseudomonas is grown in tear fluid.

Mary Chan

The Pitx2 gene is involved in eye and teeth development and cancer regulation. This summer, I will be further studying how Pitx2 mutations may affect tooth number in threespine stickleback fish by studying the phenotypes of various genetic crosses. This work will consist of both individual and collaborative projects in the Miller Lab.

Alan Jiang

I research the effects technological advances (such as expert systems and databases/data collection) and associated practices (like routine use exceptions) have had on privacy. I also research legislative attempts to address these issues, such as the Privacy Act of 1974.

Zoe Boosalis

This summer I plan to assist Dr. Carol Wilson in preparing the DNA samples for First-generation DNA sequencing. Our DNA samples include genus Iris and completion of the project will enable the phylogeny of the species.